At High Plains Harvest Church, we believe that giving is an act of personal worship between you and the Lord.  Giving gives us an opportunity to give back to God a portion of what He has so generously given to us and, through giving, we show God our trust in Him as our provider.

Because we want to lead people in giving cheerfully to the Lord, we do not “pass the plate” here.  If you would like to give gratefully back to the Lord, here are the ways you give your tithe or offering:

Give Online
You can give online via bank account ACH, debit card, or credit card.

(Please note that credit card transactions incur a 3% processing charge to the church. If you do choose to give via credit card, please consider covering the 3% processing charge by increasing your gift to cover that charge.) 

Please only use this method if it will not add to any existing credit card debt.

Click here to be directed to our secure online giving portal

Give In-Person
You can put a check or cash in the offering box at the front door of the church before, during, or after the worship service.

Give By Mail
You can mail a check to:

High Plains Harvest Church 
P.O. Box 62 
Ault, CO 80610

Other Donations
We gratefully accept special gifts such as stock and other non-monetary financial instruments. However, these require the giver to contact the church office directly as they require special handling. Please contact the church office at 970-897-2915 or email us at