2016 Grunt Fest June 26

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High Plains Harvest Church and The Crossing invite you to the 4th Annual Men’s Grunt Fest!

Location: The Hotaling house near Nunn, CO.  For directions go to: http://tinyurl.com/gruntfestmapGrunt-Fest-2016-Cropped-448

Sunday, June 26th – 3:00pm start, food served at 5:30pm.  Mandatory firearm safety meeting at 3:00pm (see below).

All men, young and old, are invited for a great afternoon of shooting, archery, cannon fire, tomahawk throwing, food and fellowship!

Please click here to fill out the online registration form.

You are welcome to bring your own firearm (and ammo) and/or bow.  We will provide the targets, clay pigeons, food and drinks!  Please bring your own eye and ear protection.

*** If you desire to shoot a firearm at this event, there will be a MANDATORY Safety Meeting at 3:00pm.  If you do not attend this safety meeting, you will not be allowed to operate a firearm.  No exceptions.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

*** All firearms must arrive either in a case or holster and must remain that way unless they are on the firing line.

Due to the size of the range and property, attendance will be limited to 120 men.  Registration is required.  

Please click here to fill out the online registration form.

RANGE RULES – By using this range, you agree to follow all of the rules below.  Thank you and have fun!

  1. Obey all Range Safety Officer (RSO) commands. The decisions of the RSO’s are final.
  1. Safety rules:
  • Everyone will always treat every firearm as if it is loaded
  • Always point the muzzle in a safe direction
  • Keep your finger off trigger unless your sights are on the target and you intend to destroy it
  • Know your target and what’s between and behind it
  1. All firearms must be in a case or holstered if not on the firing line. No weapon handling unless it is not on the firing line.  The rule is “Bring the case to the gun, not the gun to the case.”
  1. Keep action open and gun unloaded unless actually shooting.
  1. Know how the firearm operates. Be sure that the firearm and the ammunition are compatible.
  1. All shooters 17 and younger must shoot under the direct supervision of an adult.
  1. Hearing and eye protection are mandatory for both shooters and observers. Shooters must wear clothing that protects their skin against flying particles. A brimmed hat is highly recommended.  Opened-toe shoes are not permitted.
  1. Shooters may only handle firearms, go down range to work with their targets, or begin firing at the command of the Range Safety Officers.
  1. Firearms may only be loaded on the firing line and only at the command of a Range Safety Officer. The muzzle of a loaded firearm, must always point down range. All muzzles must extend beyond the yellow line when firing. All shooters must remain behind the yellow line while the firing line is HOT.
  1. Do not handle any firearm during the CEASE FIRE and/or DOWNRANGE period. Everyone must stay behind the yellow line until an RSO calls the range COLD, all weapons are inspected, and the command DOWNRANGE is given.
  1. Weapons may only be taken out of the case on the firing line. Magazines must be removed and chamber inspected by a buddy (i.e. show CLEAR) before taking the firearm off the line.
  1. Only shoot at a target approved for the caliber of your gun. No tracer or incendiary rounds.  Ammunition with ANY steel in the bullet may not be fired at a steel target.  Do not change the distance of steel targets from the firing line.
  1. Only shoot at a target that is in front of you (+/- 2 feet left or right at 25 yards).
  1. Do not shoot at target posts or frames, signs, trees, rocks, etc. Use only appropriate paper/cardboard targets or silhouettes attached to the proper target backing boards.