Ridin’ for the Brand

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2012 was a wonderful year. It was a year full of both joys and sorrows, victories and set-backs. After it all, the year was one where we saw God at work in every place in our lives.


As we closed the year with our special Christmas Eve service, we had a special gift that I wanted to share with you. Our dear brother (and worship fiddle player!) wrote a piece of “cowboy poetry” and recited it at the service at The Church Barn.

Here is the poem. There’s a lot of truth here and we hope it’s an encouragement to you.

Ridin’ for the Brand

Life out on the prairie ain’t always easy so they say
I believe ’em because I’ve lived it
And still do sometimes – even unto this day.

I’ve spent a lot of Christmas’s just happy to be warm
And then bundled up in Carharts
To go out and brave the storm.

You see there was a time in my life when I prided myself on my strength
I was lean and mean and daring
I got the job done at any length.

And then I got tired of always holdin’ onto the reins
Decided that what I thought was toughness
Was really just a lack of brains!

So I cried out to my Savior and asked Him for some guidance
And sure enough He answered
And He took away my blindness.

Oh sometimes I still like to tell myself that I’m a self-reliant man
But then I remember who gave His life for mine
And that I’m ridin’ for the Brand

– Scott Clawson, 2012