Does God have a new building for us?

As you know, the Lord has faithfully provided for us at every turn.  No matter what season He has had us in, God has given us exactly what we needed, exactly when we needed it.
You also know that God continues to grow His church as we carry out the mission that He has called us and saved us to.  Young and old, man, woman and child – the Lord continues gathering His lost and has brought us together for community and His glory.

As God has been growing His church, we have been facing a real “space crunch” at the current building.  We all know that a building is simply a tool – a tool to carry out the mission of the Savior.  While we have been extremely grateful for the building, children’s trailer, and storage He has given us to manage, we really are in need of more room to facilitate the current size of His church and to accommodate the expectant growth the Lord will bring.

Over the last many months, we have been looking and praying to see if God would have a new building for us.  Even with all the growth in the area, up until now there hasn’t been anything available that was 1) not too large for us and 2) priced at a level that we could afford.

But recently, something changed.

If you remember, Johnson’s Market recently closed and the building has been vacant with a “For Sale” sign on the front.  This is the space directly east of the VFW Hall and Bison Breath on Highway 14.  Not very long ago, the building was purchased by a local business man, renovated, and is now available for rent.  The space is 4000 square feet (twice that of our current building/trailer/storage container) and is priced at $1500/month for rent.

Last week I toured the space along with Tyler, Brian, and Marvin.  We spoke with the owner and took measurements to see if this building might be a possible new location for High Plains Harvest.  It looks like a real possibility.  Now, God’s church needs your insight and prayers.

At this Sunday’s service, we will take some time to have a “family discussion” about this prospect.  The big question is this – “What is God telling you about whether we should move locations or not?”

We hope you will join us this Sunday and share with the body what you are hearing from God about this opportunity.